Top Lighting Manufacturer: Knowing Henghui Lighting


Are you looking for the best lighting solutions? Look no further! Henghui Lighting, a top lighting manufacturer, is here to revolutionize your space with their innovative products. Get ready to be amazed!

Ten years of hot classic shape

Henghui Lighting offers a wide range of products that are designed with a classic shape, making them timeless and versatile. These products can be easily matched with spotlights, chandeliers, and floor lamps from the same series. With their elegant design and superior quality, these lighting fixtures have gained immense popularity.

Their exceptional performance has led to successful sales in countries like France, Czech Republic, and Chile. Customers worldwide trust Henghui Lighting due to its CE Certification which ensures safety standards are met. The company ships an impressive 5,000 pieces per year!


The HCE190720-6 model by Henghui Lighting boasts a unique feature – rotatable angle that effectively reduces packaging area without compromising on functionality or aesthetics. This product has been highly acclaimed in Denmark, Sweden, and Chile for its outstanding performance.

Just like other offerings from Henghui Lighting, this model also holds CE Certification guaranteeing its quality standards. It’s no wonder that 5,000 units of this remarkable product are shipped annually!



The HC220319-3-A model offered by Henghui Lighting showcases a creative shell shape complemented by a transparent glass shade that creates a soft light effect in any room it illuminates. This exquisite design has made it extremely popular in France and the Czech Republic.

As with all their products, Henghui Lighting ensures that this model meets CE Certification standards. The company ships an impressive 5,000 units of this product every year!


The HW141030L-RE2-A model by Henghui Lighting features a solid wood chassis paired with a frosted light barrel, adding both beauty and durability to the fixture. Its unique design minimizes the appearance of scratches, ensuring long-lasting elegance.

This exceptional lighting solution has gained significant popularity in countries like the UK, France, Netherlands, and Belgium. Customers can trust its quality as it holds CE Certification.

Henghui Lighting: A Leading Manufacturer

In conclusion, Henghui Lighting stands out as a top lighting manufacturer due to its commitment to delivering innovative and high-quality products. With their classic designs and superior performance, these fixtures have captured the hearts of customers worldwide.

Whether you are looking for timeless classics or modern masterpieces for your space, Henghui Lighting has got you covered. Trust them to illuminate your world with brilliance!

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